Swiss stone pine flakes L ( 40g )


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Wood: Fresh South Tyrolean Swiss stone pine wood flakes

Width: approx. 10 cm

Height: approx. 26 cm

Weight: approx. 40 g

Please note that all pictures and measurements may differ from the original. The photos and units of measurement shown in the sample online shop are approximate values that differ, since it is a handmade natural product (wood) and therefore each product is unique.

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Swiss stone pine flakes

Directly for you - from the South Tyrol 

Swiss stone pine flakes

Already our alpine ancestors knew the calming effect of Swiss stone pine for body and soul. The Swiss stone pine is a high-alpine tree that grows from 1,500 metres above sea level and can reach the stately age of 1,000 years. The wood is known for its ethereal healing properties. 

It is scientifically proven, that Swiss stone pine wood has a positive effect on our autonomous nervous system.

It strengthens the cardiovascular system and ensures well-being, deep relaxation and restful sleep. Body regeneration belongs to the everyday health consciousness of mankind. 

Product information

Our Swiss stone pine flakes are exclusively air-dried Swiss stone pine wood from South Tyrol. The flakes are hand-turned goods, which are dusted and filled by hand by us. They serve as filling material for your personal pillow and can also be used as a fragrance dispenser or decoration. 

The scent of the flakes is present for max. 12 months. 

Occasionally you can air or slightly moisten the shavings in humid weather conditions so that the scent intensity is maintained and reactivated for a longer period of time.


  • Freshly filled Swiss stone pine chips

  • Air-dried wood

  • Dedusted and very resinous

  • 100 % hand turned fresh South Tyrolean stone pine shavings from KurtArt

  • max. 12 months of fragrance freshness

The Swiss stone pine - "Queen of the Alps"

The Swiss stone pine has always been valued for its distinctive healing properties.

  • Relaxation and well-being through essential oils

  • Helps to get a restful deep sleep

  • Has a circulation increasing effect 

  • Has an antibacterial and disinfecting effect (also for fruit peel)

  • Helps against influenza and bronchitis

  • Enhances detoxification through bronchial tubes

  • Strengthens and activates body, mind and soul

  • On a spiritual level, Swiss stone pine gives strength and support

  • Acts as a natural insect repellent

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