Our Team

Our Team


He is the artist and the turner.
His name is stamped on a silver coin put on all his products.


Organization, management, sales and internet shop are his specialties.
He is the creative mind that constantly develops new inputs.
He came to the combination of two different natural products
(wood and wool) in one product.
The pine bowl with a differently coloured merino wool banderole is a real
eyecatcher for the table on any occasion.


She's Kurt Art's fairy. She is on sale and also creates by hand pine cushions made of pure cotton.
High quality fabrics and woods are the heart of the manufacture.
She is in the shop every day and works behind the woodturning machine when Kurt is on tour.
She comes from a region, the Gardena valley (Val Gardena), that everyone associates with wood carving art.
She also attended a woodturning course in the Allgäu and also dedicates herself with pleasure to woodcarving.