From a garden house to a manufactory

Kurt always felt the urge to work with wood.
As life had showed him, he knew that most of the time his hobby would become his new calling, or at least more than just a hobby. He changed from a mathematics professor to a professional musician and now a new passion was developing and changing him from musician into wood turner.

In 2016 Kurt attended woodturner courses with master Martin Adomat in Allgäu. He was so fascinated by wood and by the process of creation which takes place during woodturning, that he set up a workshop in his garden shed at home. The results were his own bowls for private use. He began to turn and design from morning to night. A powerful creative process was set in motion. It gave him great pleasure to be able to produce something useful with his own hands and to develop it further.

The enthusiasm to continue to develop this way increased. One day Alexander made his father aware of the fact that these beautiful objects should not remain a private thing closed in the small garden house, but should find access as everyday objects into the world of all interested people.

So Kurt and Alexander started to design their own logo. The idea was to combine the signature, i.e. the autograph of Kurt as the main aspect, with the Drechsler seal and the lettering "handmade South Tyrol".
The idea became clearer and clearer and it didn't just stay with the logo, but a seal was stamped into a kind of coin, which now adorns the bottom side of all our handmade products as a certificate of authenticity.

Im selben Jahr 2017 wurde das Gartenhäuschen, beziehungsweise die Werkstatt für Kurt definitiv zu klein. Alexander spielte schon länger mit dem Gedanken, einen Showroom mit den Erzeugnissen, angeschlossen an eine Werkstatt zu kreieren, in der man den Menschen zeigen könnte, was nur er bei seinem Vater im Moment beobachten konnte, nämlich: Wie entsteht aus einem schönen Stück Holz ein wunderschönes Naturprodukt.
Anfang 2018 wurde der Grundstein zum heutigen Geschäft (Showroom) und Werkstatt KurtArt in Kastelruth Dolomienstrasse 4B gelegt .
Am 7. Oktober 2018 war es dann soweit: Kurt Art eröffnete seine Manufaktur, die aus Shop, Showroom mit Anschluss an die Werkstatt besteht. Ein liebevoll und vielseitig gestalteter Verkaufsraum mit Einblick in die Werkstatt wurde zum neuen Anlaufpunkt.

MThe opening was attended by numerous visitors and friends, as well as music celebrities such as the band Frei.Wild (rock band from Brixen), Tracy Merano (pop singer from Meran) and Kurt's band colleagues, the Kastelruther Spatzen.

Since then the shop has been open daily and Kurt, after his musical activity, can pursue his further passion with verve and creativity.
Since the idea of KurtArt was conceived  by Kurt and by his son Alexander, in 2019 Alexander and his wife Melanie decided to close their shop in Wolkenstein (Soul Fashion / Fashion and Music) after 15 years and to work full-time for KurtArt.

Since November 2019 KurtArt is a general partnership. Alexander found his new area of responsibility in Managemant, Internet Shop & Sales. Daughter-in-law Melanie is always creative in the sale and in the production of handmade wooden gift ideas, as well as in hand-sewn pine-cushions.
Your Kurt Art Team