Our philosophy has always been to share the passion for turning and to show how a product is created.

We want to bring the appreciation of nature and its wood closer to people and this is how Kurt Art was born.
To show the authentic handmade was therefore the basis of our idea. To create a concept in which shop and workshop merge together. Everyone can be surprised by watching what comes out of a beautiful piece of wood and can become part of it.
The concept was born this way and we integrated our workshop directly into the showroom. The two are separated only by a generous safety glass.
When you visit our shop, you stand directly in the workshop and can watch how a product is created.

This way we have created the basis to produce only handmade unique pieces. Every piece of wood is unique and we return respect to nature in a new refined form.
It is important to break new ground, also in production. Less is better, quality is more important for us than quantity.
This way we try to show more transparency in production and take our customers on a journey through its process and let them be enraptured by wood, this beautiful natural material.
This is the only way to become part of nature and to be able to reflect on what it gives us.