Tracy Merano - Save Your Soul


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Audio CD (20.11.2020)

CD: Jewel Case

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.11.2020

Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 1

Weitere Ausgaben: Audio CD / MP3: Spotify / iTunes...

Vinyl Release: 2 Vinyl (TBA 2021) 

EAN: 0685843433255

Label: Südton

Executive Producer: Alexander Dasser

Studio: Bucket Hill (Prod. MAC MAYA)

Mixing: Armin Rainer

Mastering: HP Mastering

Foto: Gerd Eder

Rezensionen: 5 Sterne  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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TRACY MERANO - Save Your Soul (CD - 2020)

01          Your Song  4:00            

02          One More Night  3:42

03          I Need Your Love  3:52

04          Bring Me Home Tonight  3:47

05          Mama Please Don’t Cry 3:57

06          People Always Leave Me  3:25

07          Don’t Give Up  3:02

08          Save Your Soul 3:10

09          Same Little Girl. 3:06

10          Want To be By My Side 3:52

11          Right Side  3:58

12          Stars Shine Blue  3:50

13          I See The Light  4:02

Bonus Tracks:

Track 14         I Need Your Love (Remix)  4:09

Track 15         Generation Of Love. 3:54

                                by Alexander Dasser

2020 meldet sich Tracy Merano mit ihrem zweiten Studioalbum Save Your Soul zurück.

Save Your Soul vereint insgesamt 15 neue Songs, davon 2 Bonus Tracks mit einen Remix von "I Need Your Love".

Tracy Merano beweist eindrucksvoll und unterstreicht mit diesem Album, wie vielfältig Ihre Einflüsse als Songwriterin und Musikerin sind: Während ein Stück wie das wilde „Right Side“ eher an „Rock“ erinnert, geht „Same Little Girl “ in Richtung klassisches Pop/California-Songwriting.

Unglaublich treibend hingegen und so Club like wie selten präsentiert sich die Sängerin auf der ersten Single „People Always Leave Me“, oder bei "Want To be By My Side".

Das Album beinhaltet 8 Singles die vor und nach dem Release des Albums veröffentlicht werden. Das Album wurde mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail aufgenommen und hat sehr viel Zeit beansprucht somit ist die Produktionszeit von Save Your Soul fast zwei Jahre.

Das Album wurde gemeinsam mit Stefano Dallaserra (Gitarre) und Markus Mac Mayr (Schlagzeug/Producer) und Alexander Dasser (Executive Producer) produziert.

Das Album erscheint als CD, Doppel Vinyl (2021) und Download mit 15 Tracks und 20-seitigen Lyric-Booklet, schwarze Doppel 180 Gramm-Vinyl.

VÖ 20.11.2020.

Tracy thanks to...

I would firstly like to thank you, Alexander Dasser. You are not only my Manager and Executive Producer, you are so much more to me. You have been a good friend and my Bro during the period I was working on this amazing project. We have been recording my song ideas for the last 17 months and have spent so much time together. Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me and helping me make this dream come true. Then, I want to thank you, Kurt Dasser, for introducing me to your son Alexander and for telling me your amazing stories about the music industry and all your experiences. You’ve already taught me so many things and without you this project wouldn’t even have become reality!

Furthermore, I want to thank Markus Mac Mayr for the unforgettable time in his studio.  All our laughter, our coffees, our jokes but mainly our working and recording sessions – all of these will stay in my mind forever. I know I owe you a new pair of ears after all of my nonstop singing and talking and one day I will definitely get you some.
Stefano Dallaserra, you brought this whole project to another level. You are not only an indescribable, gifted guitarist, but also an endlessly unique musician who helped me create something so special.  The next person I want to thank is the talented bassist Paolo Legramandi. You have magic hands and you are such an inspiration to me. You feel the music with your heart and I am so blessed, that you are part of this album. 

Then, I want to thank you, dear Michele Bonivento, with all my heart for your wonderful ideas, your patience and for creating these breath-taking sounds which are immortalized on this album. Another big shout out goes to my amazing photographer Gerd Eder, who helped Alexander and me to implement our ideas. This all means a lot to me and I am more than grateful that I had the chance to work with you. 

Another big thank you goes to you Armin Rainer. I’ve known you for a long time and you are not only a gifted man, but also a good friend who I trust. You helped us find the perfect settings for each song, no matter which day or time of the week. You were always ready to do your best for us.
In addition, I want to thank every amazing and endlessly talented Musician who participated in my album recordings. I am deeply grateful to have worked with you and your wonderful talents to create this album. I will never forget you!

And last but not least, a final and the biggest of all thank you goes to my family. My dear mom, my funny dad, my incredible brother and my wonderful sister! You showed me that I should always follow my heart, be compassionate and treat others with respect. You are all that I ever wanted and needed and your support makes me feel so loved. I love you forever and ever and ever. 

In love

Tracy Merano

This Album is Dedicated to the One and Only 

Michael Jackson